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Here are administrative, motion, and emotional rules for physical education classes K-12


P.E. & Health  



Title – Physical Education Rules – Administrative, Motor, and Emotional
By – Mohammed Asim Ghazi
Primary Subject – PE
Grade Level – K-12


  • To teach students the rules of physical education classes
  • To develop a bond and a cooperative spirit between students during the lesson
  • To teach students the signals used in physical education classes

Administrative rules:

  • Walk into the gym, sit on your number and listen for instructions
  • Always follow directions
  • Wear gym shoes
  • Use equipment correctly
  • No juice or any other drinks except for water is allowed in the gym
  • Exit the gym from your number and be ready to resume classroom activity

Motor rules:

  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Stop any activity when you hear the stop signals.
    • “Freeze” means stop! – then look at the teacher, mouth closed, eyes and ears open
    • Whistle means standby! – stop, look, and listen


  • Always move carefully – watch and listen for the signals.
    • (Starting) Begin – go – launch – embark
    • (Standby) Stop, look, and listen when whistle blows.
    • (Stopping) Freeze – pause – whoa – rest

Emotional rules:

  • Try your hardest
  • Be nice to each other
  • Cooperate
  • Do your best
  • Stay on task
  • Follow directions
  • Playing together is the best way to have fun with friends


  • The students learn physical education rules (administrative-motor-emotional)
  • The students develop a bond and a cooperation spirit during the lesson.
  • The students learn signals used in physical education

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