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Pie Eater


P.E. & Health  


PreK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Pie Eater

By – Jacob Edwards

Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education

Secondary Subjects – Health / Physical Education

Grade Level – 1-5

Tag Game

Split the students into two different groups; one is apple pie and the other
group is pumpkin pie. Then have one student be the pie eater who will be
standing on the center line. The pie eater can only move from side to side on
the center line.

All the students say to the pie eater, "pie eater, pie eater are you hungry?"
The pie eater responds with a yes or no answer. If the answer is no, the pies or
students ask again. If the answer is yes, then the pies ask again, "what kind of
pie would you like?" The pie eater then says apple or pumpkin and that pie tries
to make it to the other side. If the pie is tagged, then they become a pie
eater. Play until everyone is a pie eater.

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