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Power – Strength – Explosion will be the benefit of this multi-joint “Power Clean” weight lifting lesson


P.E. & Health  


9, 10, 11, 12  


Title – Power Clean
By – J. Carson Gowan
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 9-12

Lesson Plan – High School Weight Training – Multi-Joint Movement – Power Clean

Focus – Learn the specific movements of the power clean.

Statement of Objective – Students will develop total body strength through a multi-joint lift. Power – Strength – Explosion will be the benefit.

Guided Practice – Demonstrate proper movements to the class.

      1. Feet shoulder width apart.


      2. Feet flat


      3. Head up and tail down.


      4. Grip bar just outside the legs.


      5. The bar should be as close to the body as possible.


      6. Pull hard off the bottom generating power and speed keeping the bar close to the body.


      7. Once the bar crosses the waist, the hips push trough and you begin to high pull as the knees bend.


    8. As the bar comes to the chest, force the elbows out and rack the bar on the deltoids and pecs.

Independent Practice – Divide the class by physical ability. Set three to four stations up so the class may practice to movements. No more than four stations because you as the evaluator can not see all participants. Once the class has learned the proper movements, you may incorporate this exercise into your workout every other day. Start your students at about 70% of their one rep max for eight to ten reps. The class must complete three sets. Increase the percent of weight each week for four consecutive weeks. At the end of four weeks, retest your class and begin again.The percents you want to try are (70 – 77 – 82 – 88)

Review – This is a difficult lift to complete correctly even for high school students. It is a good idea to stop the class each day the power clean is part of the workout and remind the class of these key points. Foot placement, head up, hand placement, keep the bar working straight up and force the elbows through.

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