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Here students practice rolling the ball while moving


P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Rolling the Ball while Moving
By – Mohammed Asim Ghazi
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – K – 3

Rolling the Ball while Moving

  • Domain Skill: The student rolls the ball while moving after it, in all directions.
  • Domain Knowledge: The student know the names of the different directions.
  • Domain Effective: The student performs the skill required.

Warm up:


        The teacher tells a story about traffic rules and the student obeys the rules and receives physical exercise for the whole body.

      Traffic Rules:

        The teacher holds three flags (







        •   When the teacher raises up the green flag , the students run in all directions in the playground.
        •   When the red flag is raised up, students stop.
        •   As for the yellow flag , students run in their places.

        Whoever makes a mistake is disqualified… and so on….
    Acting exercises:

    1. Warm-up like an athlete or a football player, suddenly running in place and stopping
    2. Stand like a dwarf, then like a giant – make car noises
    3. Shake your head like a horse (head exercises)
    4. Swagger like a policeman
    5. Throw tennis balls up

Main Skill – Rolling the Ball while Moving

      Materials Needed:

        cones – balls – hoops – flags


      • The teacher or one of the skilled students performs a demo of the skill required with its different steps.
      • Students distribute appropriate materials to the groups depending on the skill being practiced.
      • The students perform various games and contests directed towards running with a ball.
        • rolling the ball towards the wall with one hand
        • rolling the ball towards the wall with two hands
        • kicking the ball with part of the foot
        • catching the ball after bouncing off a wall
        • and so on.
      • The same can be done again by changing distance and speed.


      Perform exercises to relax the body.


    Observed during the performance and expected of students upon conclusion of activities:

    • The students learn how to catch the ball.
    • The student is in control of themselves, even when running in different directions.
    • The student carries out the skill required.

Suggestions for adapting this activity for kids with disabilities:

    In special categories, the idea works for students sitting in a wheelchair.


      Mohammed Asim Ghazi

      Physical Education Teacher

      Al-anjal International School

    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

E-Mail Mohammed Asim Ghazi !

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