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Healthy Food Choices


P.E. & Health, Science  




Title – Healthy Food Choices

By – Samara Choit

Primary Subject – Physical Education (Health and Nutrition)

Secondary Subjects – Science

Grade Level – Kindergarten

New York State Standards

Standard 1: Health Education, Physical Education & Home Economics: Students will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity and maintain personal health.

Standard 4: Science: Students will understand and apply scientific concepts, principles, and theories pertaining to the physical development of ideas in science.

ELA1: Students will read, write, listen and speak for information and understanding.


After given some facts about the different food groups, the students will be able to make a total of eight healthy food selections from magazine clippings. They will cut, paste and classify them by gluing them to the breakfast, lunch, diner or snack category.


Science Card Game (Hands-On Learning), Large Food Guide Pyramid Display, Construction paper, magazine clippings of food, glue


Tell the students that we are going to play a fun food game first. Tell the students that they are going to get up off their chairs:

          a. I will hand each student a food-picture card

          b. Next, I will ask. Who thinks they have a vegetable? I will ask all the students who think they have a vegetable to stand up. They will tell me what food item is on their card. Then I will move on to grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy meats and sweets.

          c. I will them continue until I have went through all the food groups and every student stood up.


1. Go through motivation process

2. Point to the food guide pyramid and ask if the students know what it is. Tell the students that there are lots of different foods all they all have their own special category.

3. Hold up the Food Group Cards to show examples from the food groups

4. Tell them it is important we eat food from all of the food groups to stay healthy.

5. Hand out food clippings and construction paper.

6. Tell the students to write their name on the back and take out their glue.

7. Read the different meal categories on the construction paper/show model

8. Tell the students to look through the food clipping ads and find one food item for each category that would be a “healthy choice”

9. Tell the students to cut and paste it in the categories.

10. After the cutting and pasting is completed, ask they students to share what they cut out with the class.


Did the students give me their attention during the lesson?

Did the students cut and paste a total of eight healthy food choices on their paper?

Did the students place them under the correct category.

Extension Activity

Have the students keep a weekly food journal. Ask the students to eat one healthy snack a day, then either write it or draw a picture of it.


Samara Choit



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