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“Please Don’t!” is the name of the teen suicide prevention photo stories resulting from this valuable lesson


Language Arts, P.E. & Health, Science  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Teen Suicide – Please Don’t
By – Maricela Ramirez
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Secondary Subjects – Science, Language Arts
Grade Level – 9-12

Concept / Topic to Teach:

  • The learner will create a story in Photo Story 3.
  • The topic of the photo story will be “Teen Suicide.”

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Health Education Standards:

      115.32b1: The student analyzes health information and applies strategies for enhancing and maintaining personal health throughout the life span. The student is expected to:

        (E) examine issues related to death and grieving;

      (G) analyze strategies to prevent suicides;

General Goal(s):

    Learners will research the topic of teen suicide and obtaining knowledge of statistics, warning signs, how to help and methods of prevention.

Specific Objectives:

      Students will create a photo story in which the following objectives will be addressed, answered or completed:
  • Define suicide.
  • Understand how serious the problem of suicide is among teenagers.
  • Name three possible reasons for the increase in teen suicides.
  • Name at least three myths and facts about suicide.
  • List seven warning signs of possible suicide.
  • Know strategies for dealing with someone who is suicidal.
  • Know what to do if you feel suicidal.
  • Explain the affects of a suicide on family and friends.
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