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In this PE/Science lesson, students demonstrate their knowledge of the three states of water in a shuttle run


P.E. & Health, Science  


K, 1, 2  


Title – Properties of Water (Shuttle Run)
By – Aliese
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Secondary Subjects – Science
Grade Level – K-2


      0104-Explore and experience locomotor motor movements


      0301-Compare the physical properties of ice, liquid water, and water vapor


    0302-Describe the relationships between the three states of water

RATIONALE: Integrating the shuttle run with simple water properties lesson

CONTENT: After discussing the properties of water, the students will run the written sign (frozen water, liquid water, or water vapor) to the other end where there are visual examples of each (snowflake, pool, and steaming pot). TEACHING PROCEDURES:

  •   Introduce students to the three properties of water and ask where they have seen each one.
  •   Explain the shuttle run and split the students into teams. Also, explain to students their teammates can help them decipher which sign goes with the particular example of the property of water.
  •   Demonstrate the shuttle run and then allow the students to participate in the activity.
  •   After the students have correctly placed the words with the pictures, briefly review with them by asking questions.

CONCLUSION: The teacher will say, “Now you know the properties of water and you can tell your parents what you learned?”

ASSESSMENT TOOL FOR EVALUATION OF STUDENTS: It is simple to evaluate the students’ understanding of this activity because they have to place the appropriate description with the picture.

MATERIALS & REFERENCES NEEDED: tape measure, signs and pictures describing the properties of water.

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