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PE Search and Find


P.E. & Health  


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Search and find
by Gerry Cernicky

Give each student a laminated index card with three objects, colors, shapes, words, designs, numbers or letters. For more enjoyment play upbeat music. On the start signal, the students must run to and touch or perform the skills or tasks on the cards and after this is done, then trade with another person, who is jogging in place with the card in the air. The students will try to trade as many cards in a certain time limit or at the end of the song (cassette or CD). Here are some examples on the cards that have three tasks on each card: TOUCH red, TOUCH a triangle, DO a crab walk; Circle, metal, wood; wheels, plastic and yellow; jump in place, square, and cloth. All of the cards must be made ahead of time and given to the students as they enter the room or have a MAGIC BOX. For easier tasks, use the school’s environment and facilities. Integrate core subjects for a VARIATION: Jump(5×2) for MATH, touch something g-r-e-e-n for READING or touch ^^^^^^^(mountains) for SOCIAL STUDIES….

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