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A Jump Rope Fitness activity called Skipping for Aerobics and Dance


P.E. & Health  


4, 5, 6  

Title – Skipping for aerobics and dance
By – Laurie Kavanagh
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – Grades 4 to 6
The object of these lessons is to increase aerobic fitness and also use music to develop patterns of movement and dance. In British Columbia, we have a wonderful program called “Jump Rope For Heart”, which is a part of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The activities described lead to a whole-school event day when teams of mixed grades try to jump for a total of one hour. We raise funds for this society. However, the activities are good for just plain fitness!

Material: Class set of good skipping ropes. Good rock music to motivate the kids. Whistle for the teacher. If possible, posters of different skills and tricks for skipping (including long ropes and Double Dutch)

Lesson(s): Begin by allowing the students to pick up the ropes and try some basic skipping. Put on a great music tape and let them try out some moves. You will quickly know who needs help and who is competent!
Next, have the students rotate through stations designed to help them practice basic skipping skills, moving to more complex, and finally to the really tough stuff! For example, students would begin by learning to hop twice each time they jump through the rope. The next step might be to alternate feet. This would be followed by hopping on one foot, then the other, and so on. My kids learned to do many awesome tricks, such as skipping two-foot jumps, crossing the rope once to jump through, and then repeating the sequence. We also had children who could skip together in one short rope. The boys were very athletic about this and liked to do “pepper” while crossing the rope and doing other great tricks. We eventually performed at a special assembly for the whole school and motivated all the students! Very fun, very satisfying, and very healthy! N.B. Teachers should jump, too!

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