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To Smoke Or Not To Smoke


P.E. & Health  


7, 8  


by Craig W. Foster

Unit:  To Smoke Or Not To Smoke
Level:  Grade 7 or 8
Time Needed:  About 45 minutes
Previous Lesson:  Strategies used in advertising
Concept:  Advertising may influence the use of tobacco
Objectives:  The student:

1. Identifies the appeals and slogans used to influence the use of cigarettes.

2. Realizes the importance of slogans and advertisements in influencing the use of cigarettes

Content: Advertising appeals: attractive people; glamour and elegance; sex or love; macho image; better taste; beautiful scenery; better filter; low tar and nicotine; sign of adulthood.

Slogans: “You’ve come a long way, baby” “The coolest taste around” “Where a man belongs”

Some reasons for use: sell more cigarettes by trying to appeal to people’s psychological needs through social influences-adulthood, peer acceptance, love, beauty, less hazardous to health, strong/powerful/controlled person

What are advertisers trying to sell? hope; to be like others

Learning activities/procedures:

1. On chalkboard teacher introduces some slogans and appeals obtained from cigarette advertisements brought to class by students.

2. Organize class into small discussion groups with one studnet as chairperson in charge of each and provide each groups with three advertisements. Ask each groups to take 20 minutes to analyze the advertisements in terms of: (1)identification of the advertising appeals and slogans and (2) the reasons why these slogans and appeals are used.

3. Reassemble the class, have chairpesons report their information, and tally the findings on the chalkboard

4. Teacher summarizes the essential points and students put information in notebooks

Evaluation: Teacher observations of student interest in lesson together with the extent of pupil participation

Materials and resources needed: Numerous magazine and newspaper cigarette advertisements; chalkboard

Assignment: Students bring empty cigarette containers to class and are prepared to orally comment on the meaning of the “warning against smoking” found on the package. Also identify the amount of tar and nicotine in the brand of cigarettes. Read appropriate chapter in the assigned text.

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