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Title – Soccer Lead-up Activity

By – Lyndsey Krantz

Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education

Grade Level – 2-4

Unit: Soccer

Skill Level: Developmental Level II

Number of Students: 25

Time: 14 minutes

Skills and Activities to be taught: Kicking and Controlling of a soccer ball


Psychomotor-SWBAT kick and control a soccer ball in a group setting while keeping the ball below the waist level

Affective/Social-SWBAT cooperate with each other and work in a group setting. They will try together to get the ball out of the circle or away from the center players.

Cognitive-SWBAT recite the basic rules of the two soccer lead up games; most important being to keep the ball below waist level.

State/National Standards:

      -Students are able to move competently using a variety of fundamental and specialized motor skills
      -Students are able to apply movement concepts and basic mechanics of skill performance when learning and refining motor skills.
    -Students exhibit responsible and self-directed behaviors that lead to positive social interactions in physical activity.

Equipment: 2 soccer balls

References: Physical Education for Elementary School Children by Robert P. Pangrazi

The children form two large circles. The object of this game is to work on kicking and controlling of the ball. The children select one person to go into the center. Then the rest of the team tries to make it so the person in the center does not ever touch the ball. If they do, then they get a point. The teacher blows the whistle about every 45 seconds and a new person goes into the center. Once everyone has gotten a turn, two balls are added in. And it is repeated.

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