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This is a soccer dribbling exercise and quiz


P.E. & Health  



Title – Soccer: Dribbling
By – Chris Ward
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 7th
# of Students – 27

National Standards: 2,5,6
NJ Core Curriculum Standard: 2.5 Motor Skill Development

I. Performance Objectives (cognitive is the primary objective)

      A. Cognitive- At the end the lesson on dribbling, the students should be able to indicate the correct way to dribble a soccer ball by answering questions on a quiz with a score of 70% or better.

    B. Psychomotor- At the end the lesson on dribbling, the students should be able to successfully demonstrate the proper way to dribble a soccer ball while being evaluated by the instructor who will use a checklist.

II. Material and Equipment

      A. Lesson Plan

    B. Whistle, 26 soccer balls 15 cones

III. Procedures (classes 42 minutes)

      A. Dress (a,b,c=M&I;=10)

      B. Attendance

      C. Warm-Ups-one lap around track/stretches in circle

      D. New Skill (A=27)

        1. Dribbling

        2. Describe/Demo

          a. Push the ball with the inside of foot

          b. Keep the ball within arm’s length of body

          c. Keep your head up

        3. Practice/Activity

          A. 3 Man Weave

          B. Foot skills (juggling)

        4. Game

          A. Dribble Braveheart

      E. Closure (M&I;=5)

        1. Reinforce cues through Q&A;

        2. Preview next class

      3. Put equipment away and dress

Soccer Dribbling Quiz (Cognitive)
Name: ___________________________ Date: ____________

1. Name a reason why dribbling in soccer is important?

2. When you are dribbling a soccer ball, what part of your foot should you use?

3. How far away from your body should the ball be when you are dribbling?

4. In what position should you have your head when you are dribbling?

5. Name your favorite or least favorite drill/game we played today?

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