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Here students plant, putter, and push their inside of foot soccer passing skills


P.E. & Health  


3, 4, 5  

Title – Foot Skills – Passing
By – Dave Zaun
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 3-5

National Standard – 1, 2, 3
NJ Core Curriculum Standard – 1

I. Performance Objectives

    A. Psychomotor – at the end of the lesson, students should be able to perform a successful inside of the foot soccer pass that is accurate and on the ground. Students should gradually be able to pass a moving ball, pass the ball while moving, and pass with their non-dominate feet. The teacher will evaluate the students by a cue checklist for inside of the foot passing.

II. Materials

      A. Lesson Plan

      B. Whistle

      C. 20 soccer balls

      D. 20 cones

    E. CD player and CD

III. Diverse Students: Special Needs

    A. Students with leg problems can practice rolling balls with their hands

IV. Procedure

      A. Instant Activity – Dribbling Knockout

        The students will come in, grab a ball and get into an area in the shape of a circle marked off by cones. Inside the circle the students will try to kick the other students’ balls out of the circle, while maintaining control of their own. If a student’s ball is knocked out, they have to dribble their ball through the cone course on the side before they get back into the circle. This activity should last 5 minutes, then bring students in and sit them down.

      B. Introduction

        1. Talk to the students about the importance of passing.

        2. Describe and demonstrate the 3 cues of passing with the foot.

          PLANT – non-kicking foot beside ball

          PUTTER – make a putter with kicking foot (can an actual golf putter)

          PUSH – ball towards target and follow through

      C. D& D Activity

        1. Skill and Drill.

        • Tell students to stand up and get back to back to someone. This will be their partner. The shorter partner will go get a soccer ball. Partners will line up 5 feet across from each other.
        • Diagram

                          Xo          Xo          Xo          Xo          Xo          


      5 ft.    I


                           X            X            X              X          X              
        2. Partner Passing Practice

        • Students will practice passing the ball back and forth with the inside of their dominant foot.

        3. Challenges

        • Move back and pass further distances.
        • Practice passing with their non-dominant foots.
        • Try “one-touch” passes back and forth to each other.
        • Say freeze and have students with balls put them next to the ball bag and have all students line up in 3 equal lines facing the long part of the gym.

        4. The Weave

        • Place one soccer ball in the middle line. The 3 students at the front of each line will go at one time. The student in the middle line passes the ball to the student in the left line and runs behind them. The student on the left passes the ball to the student on the right and runs behind them. The passes continue in a weave, as the passer follows their pass. The group does this to the end of the gym and back, then gets in the back of their line.
        • Once everyone has gone 3 times, say freeze. Tell the students to get with their original partners and grab a ball. There are 10 sets of 2 cones 3 feet apart from each other in the field/gym. The sets are spread out. Have one group of partners at each set of cones.

        5. Speed Passing Challenge

        • When the music starts, the object is for the partners to try to pass their ball through every set of cones as fast as they can. When they are done, they sit down and become obstacles for the rest of the class. There is a second round where the partners have to pass with their non-dominant feet.

      D. Closure

        1. Ask several different students to name and explain one of the passing cues.

        2. Ask students to explain important parts of passing. (Head down, look at ball, ball on ground, decent speed, body square, etc.)

        3. Tell students that in the next lesson we will be working on the soccer shot.

      E. Assessment/Evaluation

        1. Use the Cue Checklist Sheet after the lesson for each student
Cue Checklist Sheet
Student Name Cue: Plant Cue: Putter Cue: Push
Cue Checklist Key
1. Performs cue almost every time with little effort
2. Performs cue some of the time – almost has it.
3. Does not perform cue correctly on purpose.
4. Off task behavior for the day, did not observe.

V. References

    (cues and checklist)

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