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Soccer Relay Races


P.E. & Health  


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Title – Soccer Relay Races

By – Carolyn Murray

Subject – Physical Education

Grade Level – 1 – 5

Soccer Relay Races


— One soccer ball per group

— Large running area

— Cones, 2 per group

— Music


— Kicking of the ball

— Control of the ball

— Dribbling of the ball


— Dribble the soccer ball with the feet while in motion

— Understand the importance of participation

— Learn to control the ball while in motion

Introductory Activity:

— Have students move to music. Periodically change the activity from running, jogging, marching, hopping, skipping, sliding, grapevineing, etc.

— Do this for about 5 – 10 minutes to get the heart rate up.


— Break the students up into even groups and give each group a ball

— Upon signal from the teacher or start of music, the first player in line dribbles the ball to the furthest cone, changes direction and returns to the starting place.

— The second player does the same, and so on.

— The team to finish first wins a point.


— Have the groups broken up and place half of the group on one side an the other half of the group across the area. Students kick to the other side and a team member takes it to their opposite side. When done, the team members will be on the opposite sides.

— Students dribble the ball to a cone and leave the ball, running back to the group. When that student crosses the starting line, the next one runs to the cone and dribbles the ball back to the group. The next player dribbles the ball to the cone and returns to the group. The next player runs to the ball and dribbles it back, and so on.

— Do not do as relay, simply run to the music without looking to see what group finishes first or last.


— Watch to ensure all players are getting a fair chance to run with the ball. Students can run at their own speed. Make sure all students have a chance to go .

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