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Soccer Touch Ball


P.E. & Health  


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Title – Soccer Touch Ball

By – Carolyn Murray

Subject – Physical Education

Grade Level – 1 – 5

Micro Lesson #1

Soccer Touch Ball


— 1 Soccer ball per group

— Music


— Kicking of the ball

— Control of the ball


— Dribble the soccer ball with the feet

— Understand the importance of participation

Introductory Activity:

— Have students move to music. Periodically change the activity from running, jogging, marching, hopping, skipping, sliding, grapevineing, etc.

— Do this for about 5-10 minutes to get the heart rate up.


— The players are spaced around in a circle. Can do this in two groups if class is too large.

— Place two players in the center of the circle.

— The object of the game is to keep the players in the center of the circle from touching the ball as the ball s passed back and forth just as in soccer.

— If the center players touch the ball, the person who kicked it then goes to the center and the center player comes out.

— If a circle person commits and error, like missing the kick, the person responsible for the error replaces a center person.

— No player may hold the ball more than 3 seconds.


— Watch to ensure all players are getting a fair chance to pass the ball around. If group is too large, break into smaller groups.





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