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Soccer Tunnel Tag


P.E. & Health  


2, 3, 4, 5, 6  


Title – Soccer Tunnel Tag

By – Julie Ullmeyer

Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education

Grade Level – 2-6

  • This activity should be done with students who have learned how to dribble and kick and helps students work on these skills as well as chasing, fleeing, and basic locomotor skills.
  • Break the class into groups of approximately 8 students and give each group a soccer ball. Set up one goal against the wall in a gym (or outside in its place on a soccer field) and put a long piece of tape down on the ground horizontal to the goal at a distance that will be challenging, but possible for students to kick into.
  • Have each group line up and designate the first student in line the leader and the last student the kicker. The group must follow the leader running, skipping, galloping, etc. around the gym. The kicker has the soccer ball and must chase the line while dribbling the ball until he gets directly behind the line and is in a position where he is capable of kicking the ball through all their legs. He then must yell “Freeze” and all the other group members have to freeze and spread their legs. The kicker then attempts to kick the ball through all group members’ legs. After the ball is kicked, the kicker joins the end of the line. The leader must then chase after the ball, gain control of it, and then dribble up to the line in front of the goal and try to score. The leader retrieves the ball from the goal and then becomes the kicker. During this process, the student who was in line behind the leader becomes the new leader and moves throughout the gym. The activity should continue until each student gets to be kicker and leader at least twice.
  • The teacher should enforce good kicking and dribbling form.


    Julie Ullmeyer



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