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This lesson teaches finger movements for Spanish flamenco castanets


P.E. & Health  



Title – Dances Around the World
By – Michelle Ryan
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – Pre-K


    Flamenco finger taps

Fine Motor:

    Hand-eye coordination


    have children tap Spanish castanets working on small muscle movements of fingers and hands, introduction to geography


    Boom box, flamenco music, world map, and pictures of dancers and equipment


  • Each child will be given a set of castanets
  • Explain how the dancers touch their finger together to make the instrument ring
  • First have children try with just their fingers – thumb to middle finger
  • Add castanets and try ringing a few times
  • Add music and ring to the beat
  • See if children can ring castanets with fingers and stomp their feet at the same time like dancers
  • Pair children and have one child be ring the castanets while and the other stomps their feet to the beat
  • Switch actions


  • Are children able to put thumb and middle finger together
  • Are children able to find and name Spain on the map
  • Are children able tap fingers together with castanets
  • Are children able to stomp their feet

Children with Disabilities

    Activity can be performed if child has little or no impairment of fine motor skill function

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