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In “Steal the Dinosaur Eggs,” students practice teamwork, fair play, and following the rules


P.E. & Health, Social Studies  


PreK, K, 1  


Title – Steal the dinosaur egg
By – Tia Bosua Gruenenfelder
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – PreK-1

Objects: Tennis balls, hula hoops, 4 long benches

This PE lesson was presented during the theme Dinosaur. The aim was to reinforce different types of eating and breeding behavior for example, egg stealing dinosaurs, and dinosaurs protecting their young.

Learning outcomes:

  • Working together as a team to reach a common goal.
  • Understand what fair play means and sticking to the rules.

    Assessment standards:

  • Did students manage to reach their common goal?
  • Did they copy the examples or did they use their own creativity to steal eggs?
  • Did they play fairly?


  • 4 wooden benches
  • 20 Tennis balls
  • 4 hula hoops

    Practical activities:


    Step 1:
    Place the benches in a square formation, leaving a gap at each corner. The gap should be wide enough for a “egg stealer” to enter the square and steal a tennis ball placed in one of the hula hoops placed in on the floor in the middle of the square.

    Step 2:
    The students sit on the benches and the rules are explained.
    The two “dinosaurs” in the middle are not allowed to leave the square to “attack” the egg eating dinosaurs.
    Only one egg can be stolen each time a student enters the square
    The stolen eggs are taken to a central point at the far end of the room.
    If the dinosaurs touch the egg eating dinosaurs, they need to go and sit against the wall.


    Step 3:
    Explain rules. Check for understanding. Select dinosaurs to guard eggs. Count to ten and the game begin.

    Step 4:
    Make sure that students play fairly. After a good number of “eggs” are stolen, announce that you will count to ten and then the game stops.

    Step 5:
    All students sit on the benches again. Clarify unclear points. Choose new dinosaurs and the game begins again.


    Step 6:
    Students sits on benches again. Ask questions: Did you enjoy the game? What did you enjoy the most? How did you feel?

    The students enjoyed the activity and reinforced some concepts taught during the theme. They also realize that they can reach a common goal by working together.

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