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Here is an idea that gets students talking about growing up


P.E. & Health  


6, 7, 8, 9  

Title – Lets Talk About You
By – Katy Tosder
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 6-9

The aim of this lesson is to answer questions and ask questions to children about what they feel about growing up into teenagers or adults. Tell them what the lesson is about. GROWING UP! They may look a bit scared, but reassure them. Ask the children questions about growing up, and ask if there are any questions, this should take at the most twenty minutes.

Next give out a piece of lined paper and tell them that they should answer these 4 questions:

1) Do you think that being a teenager/adult is scary?

2) How do you feel about other children around you talking about being older?

3) Would you like to be an adult or a child? Why?

4) Do you think being an adult/teenager looks easy or hard? Why?

This should be a one hour lesson, if not, then here is an extension.


Discuss in class what you’re job would be.

Carry on the job lesson plan next lesson.

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