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Students work in pairs to practice throwing and catching skills here, followed by a game of “Team Handball”


P.E. & Health  


2, 3  

Title – Team Handball

By – Justin Bonitatis

Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education

Grade Level – 2-3


    To further develop throwing skills that were developed in previous classes, students will work in pairs to practice throwing and catching, followed by a game.

Prior Knowledge of Students:

    Students have had previous lessons on throwing and catching throughout their elementary years. They have a basic understanding of the technique and cues of throwing and catching. Students are familiar with the protocol of the teacher

National Standard:

  • Standard 1
  • Standard 2

NJ Core Curriculum Standard:

  • 2.5.4 A
  • 2.5.4 B

Performance Objectives:

  • Psychomotor — At the end of the lesson, students will be able to perform the proper technique of throwing and catching through participation in pairs and a game. They will be evaluated through the teacher’s observation of their performance.

  • Social — After participation in the pairs, students will be able to work together successfully and stay on task. Students will be assessed by how much time is spent on correcting behavior.


  • Lesson Plan
  • Whistle/Stopwatch
  • 20 different-sized balls
  • 10 cones for boundaries
  • Yarn balls

Accommodations for Developmental Differences:

    If a student is having a problem with the drill, they will be given an easier task that will be more manageable, while still helping them improve.