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Students work in pairs to practice throwing and catching skills here, followed by a game of “Team Handball”


P.E. & Health  


2, 3  

Title – Team Handball

By – Justin Bonitatis

Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education

Grade Level – 2-3


    To further develop throwing skills that were developed in previous classes, students will work in pairs to practice throwing and catching, followed by a game.

Prior Knowledge of Students:

    Students have had previous lessons on throwing and catching throughout their elementary years. They have a basic understanding of the technique and cues of throwing and catching. Students are familiar with the protocol of the teacher

National Standard:

  • Standard 1
  • Standard 2

NJ Core Curriculum Standard:

  • 2.5.4 A
  • 2.5.4 B

Performance Objectives:

  • Psychomotor — At the end of the lesson, students will be able to perform the proper technique of throwing and catching through participation in pairs and a game. They will be evaluated through the teacher’s observation of their performance.

  • Social — After participation in the pairs, students will be able to work together successfully and stay on task. Students will be assessed by how much time is spent on correcting behavior.


  • Lesson Plan
  • Whistle/Stopwatch
  • 20 different-sized balls
  • 10 cones for boundaries
  • Yarn balls

Accommodations for Developmental Differences:

    If a student is having a problem with the drill, they will be given an easier task that will be more manageable, while still helping them improve.


  1. Instant Activity: Snowball Fight (A 10)

    1. Split the class into two even teams, and place them on opposite sides of the gym. (Establish a line that students can’t cross)
    2. Students are given yarn balls of about the size of baseballs or softballs. The object is of the game is to hit the opposing team’s players with the yarn balls below the shoulders.
    3. If a player catches the ball, whoever threw the ball is out, and a player from their team is back in.
    4. SAFETY!!! Make sure students are spread out and in personal space! No touching other students! Keep heads up! Aim below the shoulders!

    Transition: Blow whistle and instruct students to come in close to receive cues and directions.

  2. Introduction (I 3)

    1. “Did everybody have fun playing?”
    2. “Today we’re going to work on proper techniques of throwing and catching to make you even better!

    3. Assess students on last week’s knowledge of the throwing cues.

  3. Demonstration and Explanation of ST/FC/MC — Throwing (I 2)

    1. Opposite side to target
    2. Step with opposite foot
    3. Arm way back
    4. Follow through

  4. Demonstration and Explanation of ST/FC/MC — Catching (I 2)

    1. Thumbs together/pinkies together
    2. Eye on the ball
    3. Bring ball into body

    Transition — Pair students up and find an open area with partner. Have each group of two get a ball.

  5. Procedure (A 10)

    1. Throw the ball to each other from about 10 feet.
    2. Have students throw to certain locations as designated by partner (left, right, high, medium, low).
    3. If 80% complete this activity, increase distance between partners.
    4. Focus on cues of throwing and catching.

    Transition: Blow whistle, pick up equipment and set up the game.

  6. Modified Game — TEAM HANDBALL (A 15)

    • Set up two chairs at opposite ends of the playing area.
    • One student from each team sits in a chair and becomes the goalie.
    • Divide the class into two teams with one team wearing the jerseys/pinnies. Each team spreads out on their half of the playing area.
    • The object is to pass the ball from teammate to teammate until the team goalie catches the ball. The goalies are placed on the opposite ends of where their teammates are.
    • Set up a 6′ x 8′ safety area in front of the goalies. The defensive players can’t go inside of that area.
    • When the goalie catches the ball, a point is scored for that team.


Justin Bonitatis


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