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Here is a two-hand touch football game on a basketball court using a tennis ball


P.E. & Health  


6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Tennis Football

By – Sam Smith

Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education

Grade Level – 6-12

How to play:

    8-10 players on offense and 8-10 on defense.

    The game is played just like two-hand touch football except you are playing with a tennis ball and when you score a touchdown (6 points) you have to shoot the tennis ball in the basketball goal for the extra point (1), which equals a total of 7 points just like regular scoring in football. There are no field goals for 3 points and you only can get two first downs.

    The field will be marked for the first downs. Everything is played just like regular football except it’s two-hand touch only. The game can be played in the gym or on a big field. If played on a big field, use trashcans for goals. Use two different color pennies or flags and cones to mark the field of play. A safety is 2 points and you can intercept to ball also. Use regular football penalty rules for fouls.


Sam Smith


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