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Towel Volleyball is an equipment naming game


P.E. & Health  



Title – Towel Volleyball
By – Mariza Fasack
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 8

Physical Education Standards:

    1, 2, 3


      1. To increase students’ awareness of the relationship between activities and the equipment used to participate in them.


      2. To increase participants’ listening and responding skills.


      3. To improve participants’ gross motor skills.


    4. To provide participants with the opportunity to cooperate within their own team and compete with another team.


  • Volleyball net
  • 8 volleyballs
  • 8 large towels

Group Size:

    Small groups/groups of four

Activity Description:

      1. Discuss the relationship between leisure activities and the equipment required to participate (e.g. tennis and a tennis racquet and balls).


      2. Divide the students into teams of four and divide the teams into pairs. Each pair receives one towel that they hold on the ends.


      3. The object of the game is to return the ball over the net using the towel while stating a piece of equipment in response to the activity called.


      4. Begin play by throwing the ball over the net and calling out a leisure activity. One pair must name a piece of equipment that goes with the activity while they are returning the ball by using the towel.


      5. The team gets two points per each time a correct piece of equipment is named and the ball is returned over the net.


    6. First team to 10 points wins.


    Summary discussion should focus on the types of activities that do and do not require equipment. Ask participants what types of equipment they have or where they could buy or rent leisure equipment.

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