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The Tree Tag game uses hoola hoops to teach the concepts of self and general space


P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2  

Title – Tree Tag
By – Steve Lohrman
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – K-2

Theme/Concept: Self and General Space

Psychomotor domain: movement inside of the hoola hoops is twisting and turning in order to tag people outside of the hoops. Movement in between the hoola hoops includes any type of locomotive skill that the student chooses to do (skipping, hopping, galloping, etc.).

Cognitive domain: student understanding the rules of the game and that movement inside the hoola hoops is movement in self space, and that movement in between the hoola hoops is general space.

Social domain: cooperation between the tagger and the person who was tagged to follow the rules and switch places.

Affective domain: students will show if they enjoy the game by their participation

Assessment ideas: create a worksheet that shows the diagram of the activity and the students put an X where they think self space is, or create a tally sheet for yourself that will count the number of students who understand the game and stay on task, and the number of students who do not.

Materials: Hoola hoops

Procedure: Set up hoola hoops throughout a certain boundary (make sure they are just about arms width apart from each other). Students stand inside of the hoola hoops and try to tag the other students moving in between them with their “branches” (arms). Once a tagger tags another person, they have to yell “You’re a tree!” and they switch places. The tagger then moves in between the hoola hoops and the person who was tagged now acts as a tree and goes into the hoola hoop.

Objectives: Learn the concepts of self space (inside the hoola hoop) and general space (between the hoola hoops), follow directions, cooperation when getting tagged, having fun!

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