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Turkey Trot


P.E. & Health  


1, 2, 3  

Title – Turkey Trot

By – Gerry Cernicky

Subject – Physical Education

Grade Level – 1-3

Arrange the class into four groups that are placed on the midcourt line, the endline and the sidelines. This would resemble a square formation. Give each of the groups a Thanksgiving name such as: Turkeys, Pilgrims, Mayflower, and Plymouth Rock. Choose one group to be the taggers in the center of the formation. When a group is called to run, they have to get to the opposite side of the floor area without being tagged by the center group. If tagged, they must go back to their starting line and the object is not to be tagged. After all have been called have another group be taggers. After each new turn, they will return to their starting positions. As an alternative, any student that has been tagged must mention a descriptive answer about their groups to get back in the game as follows: Turkeys (First Thanksgiving); Pilgrims (clothes, government, etc.); Mayflower (social studies, year, ship construction); Plymouth Rock (history, etc.). All of this will be integrated with a previously learned experience. Or there could be a question box that the students must answer assigned questions from the classroom experience.




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