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Doctor’s Visits


P.E. & Health  


6, 7  

Title – Doctor Visits

By – Adrienne Campbell

Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education

Grade Level – 6-7

Note from

    The following lesson plan depends on an article that is not included below.
    We suggest that you locate and adapt an article on the internet about a visit to
    your health care professional and provide this to your students along with the
    following worksheet, if it is appropriate, or one that you create yourself.


    The purpose of this lesson is to familiarize students with the procedure of
    going to the doctor's office, to know what to expect, what tools are used and
    why, and to know what questions their doctor can answer.

NJ Core Curriculum Standard:


I. Performance Objectives:

    A. Cognitive – At the end of the lesson, the students will know what different
    health professionals do and the basic tools that they use and why.
    B. Social – Students will cooperate and work well with one another to complete
    their presentation on their health care professional or facility visit.

II. Materials/Equipment:

    A. Lesson Plan
    B. Handouts

III. Differentiated Instruction:

    A. Low level students – make it fairly simple and easy to understand. Step by

IV. Procedure:

    A. Who has ever been to the doctor? Anyone ever wonder what all of the poking
    around was about and why they did what they did? Does anyone know how to
    schedule an appointment?

    B. Today we are going to cover the different types of health care professionals
    that I am sure each of you has been to at some point or another.

    C. Explain activity. I am going to split you up into different groups. Each
    group is going to read about a certain health care professional and what might
    happen on a visit to that professional. Then you are going to answer questions
    on a worksheet that I will give you. When you are finished, you are going to act
    out what a trip to your health care professional might be like. You must include
    the information on the sheet.

    D. Divide students into groups. (7 doctors)

    E. Student Assessment – participation, inclusion of answers into

    F. Closure – correct any mistakes that might have happened in the skits then
    say: You all did fabulously! We have some future movie stars in this class!


    After reading the article on a visit to your health care professional or
    facility, fill in the following worksheet.

    After you are finished, your group will present the material to the class in a
    skit or in a presentation format. You are the teacher! Teach the class
    what you learned!

    All members of the group must be part of the presentation.

    Some roles for the skit could be the doctor, nurse, receptionist, mother,
    father, patient, or other waiting room patients.

    If you choose to do the skit, choose one reason/illness to be going to the
    doctor for and walk the patient through the process step by step.

    Suggestions for the different skit scenes:

      a) discovering the problem
      b) making an appointment
      c) the waiting room
      d) seeing the nurse/aide
      e) seeing the doctor

      Be Creative! Have fun with this!

Visit to Your Health Care Professional Worksheet

    1. Type of doctor:


    2. What other people might work in this facility and what do they do? (1 person)


    3. Reasons (Symptoms/Problems) for Going to this Doctor: (3 things)


    4. Questions this doctor/nurse might ask: (3 questions)


    5. Tools / instruments / resources this doctor uses and what they are
    used for: (2 things)


    6. Diagnosis this doctor can give: (3 things)


    7. Medicines / aids this doctor recommends or prescribes: (3 things)


    8. Suggestions / recommendations the doctor gives that do not require a
    prescription: (3 things)


    9. Questions that you can ask this doctor: (2 questions)


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