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This ultimate football game idea gets students used to throwing and catching a football with a defender


P.E. & Health  


4, 5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Ultimate Football
By – Brent Gaynor
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 4-8 

Standards: 1 and 2

Purpose of Activity:

    To get students used to throwing and catching a football with a defender.

Materials Needed:

  • Football (or any type ball you feel is appropriate)
  • Jerseys

Description of Idea:

  • Begin by splitting the students into teams and give them jerseys.
  • They should stand in front of a partner with the opposite color jersey. This is now the person they will be guarding/throwing and catching against. They are not allowed to guard any other player on the field or court.
  • The activity should start in the opposing team’s end zone and the students will try to go the length of the field by throwing and catching the football.
  • They are not to run when in possession of the ball. Once they catch the ball, the player should stop and look for another teammate to throw the football to.
  • Once they throw the ball, they may run out for a pass.
  • The object is to go to the end zone without dropping a pass or having a pass broken up by your opponent.
  • If a ball is not caught, the ball is given to the other team at that spot and they are now trying to score.
  • When the students are guarding their opponent, it is important that they stand three feet in front of them. They are not to have physical contact with their opponent. They can only go for the ball.
  • The game is played just like Ultimate Frisbee.

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