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This lesson teaches how to perform an underhand volleyball serve


P.E. & Health  


4, 5, 6, 7  

Title – Underhand Volleyball Serve
By – Mohammed Asim Ghazi
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 4 – 7

Concept and goals:

  1. Students will perform underhand volleyball serves perfectly without errors.
  2. Students will recognize the game of volleyball.
  3. Students will learn the rules of volleyball.


  • volleyball
  • wall
  • volley net

Warming up:

    Students run around the court for two minutes.

Educational steps for the skills:

  • Teacher provides a simplified explanation of the skills using an aid.
  • Teacher models the skill, showing the steps of performing the skill.
  • Students practice the skills without a ball.
  • Students practice with the ball to do the skill steadily.

Technical steps for the skills:

  • Students hit the ball with the right hand against the wall.
  • Students do the same with the left hand .
  • Students do the same at different distances (4M, 5M, 10M).
  • Students serve underhand to opposite side of the playground.
  • Foot Position:
    • Start with feet together.
    • The left foot steps forward to begin.
    • Shift body weight from front leg to back leg.
  • Holding Ball:
    • Hold ball in left hand, out in front of striking hand.
    • There is a slight bend at the elbow and waist.


  • Hand Position:
    • Hold striking hand in a fist position.
    • This can be done in two ways: forearm turned upward or to the side
    • Either way, for safety, the thumb should be to the side.
  • Arm Swing:
      Similar to a pendulum, the striking hand is brought back and then quickly forward to serve the ball.


  • Follow Through:
    • Once the ball has been contacted, the striking arm continues straight through.
    • The striking arm does not cross in front of body.
  • Cool down:
    • Students change clothes and returning to class.

Outcomes and Behavioral Objectives:

  1. Students perform underhand volleyball serves perfectly without errors .
  2. Students recognize the game of volleyball
  3. Students know the volleyball rules.

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