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These P.E. station activities have a Valentine’s Day theme


P.E. & Health  


PreK, K  


Valentine’s Day Themed Lesson – 5 Mini-Activities
By – Lemor Bar-or
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – Pre-K-Kindergarten

Activity/Station Set-up:


      Station Name: Love Bugs


      Overview: Students keep their arms out in a circle (as if giving a hug to someone). They walk around in a marked off perimeter without touching anyone else. If their arms or any other body part touches someone else, they must give a hug to that person. The marked off perimeter continues to get smaller and smaller.


      Focus: Personal Space


    Equipment: Cones or tape, wings or antennae for the kids (optional)


      Station Name: The Rules of Love


      Overview: Kids are mailmen/mailwomen in the town of “Loveville” and must deliver a love-letter as soon as possible. They must follow the marked path around the town by staying on the sidewalk, but the must continue obeying traffic and other signs and obstacles. While some students must deliver the letter, others will be the Loveville police who direct traffic, pedestrians who will be in the way, and motor-vehicles drivers who are on the road. Mailmen/Mailwomen must be sure to stay safe while going through the town.


      Focus: Following rules while staying safe.


      Equipment: a love-letter, marked sideways and roads, stop-sign, red and green paper (to signify stop and go). Optional music specific to the activity:

Stop In the Name of Love



      Station Name: Love Potion


      Overview: Students are adding ingredients to a magic love potion. Students start off at the empty pot, run straight across to pick up the ingredients, and run back to put them in the pot. Students are only allowed to use their thumb and index fingers to pick up the ingredients (Because they make an “L” for love). The ingredients will be different shaped objects of different sizes.


      Focus: Fingertips: thumb and index pinching.


    Equipment: Mixing pot, various ingredients for the potion, optional music specific to the activity: “Love Potion No.9”


      Station Name: Music of the Heart


      Overview: Students will put their hands on their hearts at a resting heart rate. Each student will pick a noise to make every time they feel their heart pump (i.e. “Beep!” “Lub-Dub”, “Psh! Psh!”, “Tap”) encourage them to make a sound that an instrument would make, such as a drum or a flute. Then, tell the students that you need the music to go a bit faster. Have the students do jumping jacks in place for 30 seconds to a minute. At the end of the time, have them create the music again, they will see that the music seems to go a lot faster now.


      Focus: Exercising increases the heart rate.


      Equipment: Optional music specific to the activity:

Music of the Heart

    – Gloria Estefan and *NSync.


      Station Name: Valentine Rhyming


      Overview: Students will have a pile of flashcards with pictures on them. Some of these words will rhyme with the word “blue”, like the poem “Roses are red and violet are blue…” and others will not. Students must divide the cards into two piles, distinguishing between words that rhyme with blue, and words that do not. Some examples of words that can be used are true, you, glue, two, new, flew, dew, hoo (sound an owl makes), zoo, moo (sound a cow makes), kangaroo, etc.


      Focus: English-rhyming words



    Equipment: Flash cards with various pictures, two distinguishes markers to place the piles.


      – The Beatles

She Loves You

      – The Beatles

Music of the Heart

      – Gloria Estefan and N*Sync

Stop In the Name of Love
Love Potion No.9

      – Ashlee Simpson


      (L, is for the way you look at me…)

Happy Valentine’s Day

      – Outkast


    Any song having to do with the theme of Love or Valentine’s Day

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