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These lesson activities work on volleying and dribbling skills


P.E. & Health  


5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Volleying and Dribbling
By – Lenny Goduto
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 5-8

Activity: Combination of Basketball and Volleyball

I. Performance Objectives

      A. Psychomotor — At the conclusion of today’s class students will be able to demonstrate basic dribbling and volleying skills.
    B. Cognitive — At the conclusion of today’s class students will be able to distinguish between dribbling movement patterns and volleying movement patterns

II. Materials and Equipment

      A. Lesson Plan

      B. Volley balls(27)

    C. Whistle

III. Procedure

      A. Dress
      B. Attendance
      C. Warm-up/stretch

        i. Right over left

        ii. Left over right

        iii. 20 Jumping jacks

        iv. 10 push ups

          1. Jog 2 laps around the gym

          2. Skip 2 laps around the gym

          3. Gallop 2 laps around the gym

      D. Introduction

        Good morning class, today we are going to work on our dribbling and volleying skills. We will first talk about dribbling. Dribbling is propelling an object (in our case a volleyball) downward using our finger tips and keeping our knees bent. Dribbling is a way to move up and down the court. What sport is dribbling mostly done in? RES. Basketball. Ok good. We are going to go over some skills and play some fun games today as long as everyone cooperates is quiet and respectful when I’m giving directions.

      E. Describe and Demonstration

        A. Dribbling is performed with the fingers, not the palm or hand.

        B. Hands should be cupped, fingers spread

        C. Head and eyes should be looking up for an open teammate or a place to move to

      F. Drill — (students will retrieve ball)

        Students will line up on the line with balls at their feet. When I say, students will pick up the ball and begin to move around in open space dribbling the ball. I will yell out various commands such as Dribble with:

        1. Left hand 2. Right hand 3. Low with left hand. 4. Low with right hand. 5. Dribble with both hands 6. While you dribble see if you can say a letter of the alphabet each time you dribble. What letter did you get to?

      G. Activity 1. Transition

        Ok Class great job now we are going to play our first activity. Everyone gather in by the three point line. The game is called eliminator. Each person will dribble the ball within the three point line. Your goal is to try and stop another person from dribbling while maintaining your dribble. Everyone understand?
      H. Volleying

        Great job with dribbling class. Let’s talk about volleying now. A Volley is propelling an object upward without letting it rest in the palm of the hand or on any part of the body. What sport is volleying down in? RES. Volleyball. After we practice some volleying skills, we will play a game that will test both your volleying and dribbling. The game is called “Megaball”. But first lets go over the “Bump”

      I. Describe and Demonstrate

        A. Volleying can be done with almost any part of the body. Today we are going to use just the upper body.

        B. Hands should interlock. And arms should be almost straight out.

        C. Knees should be bent.

        D. Move feet so your underneath the ball

        E. Pop or “Bump” ball up the air

      J. Drill –

        Everyone turn and pick a partner. Only one ball is needed. The person with the ball will toss it up to their partner. They will then lock fingers, straighten arms, and bump. After the ball is bumped the student who bumps it will catch the ball and toss it to their partner. The partner will then repeat the same steps.

          Once students become success for at bumping, they can

          1. Try and bump back and forth to each other allowing one bounce on the ground.

          2. Count how many they can bump the ball with out the ball hitting the ground.

          3. After bumping try volleying with other parts of the body.

      K. Game – MegaBall

        a. With a giant ball students will be divided in half. Rules of the game are as followed. Each team will be given a designated goal. The team who can touch their opponent’s wall/ goal while controlling a dribble gets a point. Any part of the body can be used except your legs and feet. The catch is no student can control the ball for longer than 3 seconds.

    L. Closure –

      a. Everyone did a great job today. We covered a lot of skills and if you practice them it will make that much better at that sport. I hope everyone had fun playing “Mega Ball”. Excellent job.

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