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Why wash?


P.E. & Health  



Title – Why wash?

By – Tia Bosua Granenfelder

Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education

Grade Level – 2

In this lesson, students will:

      1. learn why it is important to wash their hands.
      2. assess their personal hygiene routines and think about ways to improve them.
    3. learn that we can protect our friends and family from germs if we wash our hands after eating and going to the bathroom.

Upon completion of this lesson, students should be able to suggest and investigate actions to make the home and school environment healthier.

Assessment Standard:

    This three-point rubric evaluates how well students grasped information about personal hygiene, applied that information to their lives, and participated in class discussions on the topic.

  • three points: strong grasp of the subject matter; above-average ability to apply knowledge to personal experience; and active participation in class discussions.
  • two points: on-grade understanding of the subject matter; average ability to apply knowledge to personal experience; and somewhat active participation in class discussions.
  • one point: weak understanding of the subject matter, had difficulty applying knowledge to their own experience, and did not participate in class discussions.


  • Topic related book
  • Paper
  • Magic markers

Lesson Introduction:

      Lead a discussion on why we should wash our hands:

When is it appropriate to wash your hands?

        Before eating or touching food
        After using the bathroom
        After blowing your nose
        After touching animals
      After playing outside

Main part of the lesson:

    Ask the students to create a comic strip where they give examples of how to prevent germs from spreading.


    Have a group discussion after the lesson and give the students an opportunity to present their comic strips to the rest of the class. My grade 2’s loved this activity!


Tia Bosua Granenfelder


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