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Pictures Don’t Lie . . . Do They?

Last week, I shared about my experience with MixBook, and a few weeks before that I realized that I have five different cameras on me pretty much all the time.  Last night, I was messing about online – as I do – and I found myself playing with ImageChef.  It’s a website that allows you to make your own customized images from all sorts of designs and templates.  That got me to thinking.  There are a lot of fun web tools that let you create or modify visuals, and I bet there are far more than I knew about. 

So I polled my people.  Here are some sites you may want to look into:

Cameroid – funny things you can do with webcam photos

Yearbook Yourself – not currently active, but

Big Huge Labs – home of fd’s Flickr tools and LOTS of cool effects for your pictures

Picnik – now owned by Google – photo editing and lots of effects you can add

PhotoFunia – cool ways to put yourself into pictures of lots of fun situations

FotoFlexer – calls itself the world’s most advanced online photo editor

MagMyPic – make your photos into magazine covers!

Aviary – a whole suite of creation tools, visual and otherwise

LunaPic – animations and other effects for pictures

SumoPaint – online paint program

BeFunky – change your photographs into works of art

Speechable – add speech bubbles to your pictures

ALDO Connect the Dots – turn your photo into a connect-the-dots picture

So next time you see a picture of anything (as if the LOLcats craze did not teach you this already), don’t believe your eyes.

Both images are of me, taken by me, modified using Cameroid.

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