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Please Don’t Leave

Title – Please Don’t Leave
By – Cassidy Anderson

My name is Cassidy. I work for the YMCA right now and am very happy.

Before I worked for the YMCA I was working for Kiddi Kollege (KK). After I told my kindergarten class that I wouldn’t be their teacher all my kids got really upset and begged me to stay there. I even had one of my school-agers start crying because she loves me (she doesn’t have a women to talk to about her problems). This little girl won’t talk to her father about her problems because he doesn’t understand her, so she says.

My first day at the YMCA was great. All the kids in my program at the YMCA welcomed me into their classroom and made me realize that kids are and can be very sweet. It was hard going to another daycare after 3 years. I was very happy with the way teachers and children treated each other.

I am always working it seems but that is what I want. My daycare kids are my life. I can’t have children so I feel that my daycare kids are my own.

Being able to have my own classroom without getting a degree first has helped me realize that I will become a teacher at an elementary school. I do not actually have my own classroom but it feels like it. There are 3 of us using the room but it’s the same class.

Remember, you are in it for the kids not the money!!

Keep smiling.

I know this isn’t really an inspirational story but I wanted to share it.

Cassidy Anderson

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