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With A Bump And A Thump It Ends Up At The Dump





With A Bump And A Thump It Ends Up At The Dump

by:  M.O. O’Conner

My old shoes
are full of clues.
They know where I’ve been
and they’re like old friends.
But alas, my toes
have burst through the soles
I’ve tried to tape them,
mend them, even send
them to the cobbler.
But, it’s no use,
they’re ready for the refuse.

I drop them in
to the garbage bin.
In they go with an apple core
and a broken dresser drawer.
They get buried with coffee grains,
soon to be covered with greasy stains.
There go my old shoes.
Goodbye old friends!
I know I’ll never wear you again.

The big old garbage truck
is rumbling down the road.
It’s carrying a mighty load.
I watch my shoes go tumbling in
until they’re covered with
everything you can imagine.
They’re off with a roar
down the road by the corner store,
then around the bend until
they’re out of sight.
Where do you think they’ll
end up tonight?

With a bump and a thump,
they’ll end up at the dump!
That’s where they’ll go
along with that old hat
of Uncle Joe’s,
in with the socks that had
too many holes,
on top of the bottles
and bent tin cans,
to be covered soon by
old pots and pans,
all the things we throw away
each day, end up this way.
With a bump and a thump,
the end up at the dump!

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