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Point of View


Language Arts  


4, 5  


When students are seated, introduce the new unit: Point of View.

Review what students know or think they know about the topic and have them give examples if they can.

Transition into pre-assessment.


Have students take pre-assessment.

I will explain it’s not graded.

Activity 1: Smart Board and Books:

I will go through the criteria on the smart board of what each point of view is.

I will have them tell me what they think their small group books are and we will discuss why they thought that.

I will reveal what their books are.

I will read a children’s book example for each of the three points of view.

Activity 2: Small Group Books

The students will stay in small groups and I will pass out several children’s books that have each of the three points of view.

I will provide them with a checklist to determine which point of view each book is using the information provided from the smart board presentation.

The goal is to be critically thinking about why a book is one and not the other.


Wrap up what they learned today. 

Discuss a key point from each activity.

Ask them to think about what their free read book is and share that in the next lesson.

Address any behavior issues.

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