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Garbage and Recycling Project





Information Acquisition:     Beginning Level

E-mail five friends and ask them if their family does any recycling in their home.  OR  E-mail five schools to see what recycling their community is doing. 

Information Acquisition:     Intermediate Level

Using two difference search engines such as Yahoo or Infoseek, find five sites that deal with recycling in the home. E-mail us  the URL of the sites and a description/summary of each site.

Information Acquisition:     Advanced Level

Create an HTML form to solicit information about current recycling practices in your community.

Information Analysis:         Beginning Level

Identify five newsgroups that would be useful for learning more about recycling.  E-mail us with the URL of the newsgroups and a brief description of each.

Information Analysis:         Intermediate Level

Contact the administrator/manager of your local landfill and determine the measurements of the landfill.  Calculate the area in square yards and in square miles.  E-mail us your answer.

Information Analysis:         Advanced Level

If you were to create a project that would improve recycling efforts in your community, what would you recommend to your community officials?  Write a JavaScript that explains your recommendation.  E-mail us your answer.

Information Display:          Beginning Level

How can you convince your community to do more recycling?  Create a plaque that could be hung in a prominent place to convey your message.

Information Display:         Intermediate Level

Browse to view various interactive videos on landfills. E-mail me and 1) list the URL of the video, 2) describe your favorite of the ones visited, and 3) add a soundtrack that would correspond with the video.

Information Display:         Advanced Level

Construct a multi-sensory document which describes advantages of recycling over a period of one’s lifetime.  Use animation in whatever fashion you choose to enhance your ideas. Attach your document to an e-mail and mail it to me.  OR   Collate the information from the five schools that submitted their communities’ recycling methods.  Develop a newspaper that summarizes the various efforts and electronically publish the results.

Some cool sites to assist you in your search:

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(In order to successfully complete this project, you must find at least three additional sites of your own.)

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