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Putting Character and Setting Together


Language Arts  


2, 3, 4, 5  

Preparation: collect various pictures for characters and setting. National Geographic is perfect for this. I put them on construction paper and laminate, making sure there is a number on the back of each one.

Guided lesson: I introduce characters and characterization to students. As a class we create a character. I also do the same with setting – introduce setting and its purpose in writing/literature.

Independent Practice:

 A. I hand out to each student a different picture of a person/character. Students use a Character Bio format to create a Biography of the person: Name, age, hobbies, likes, dislikes, childhood upbringing, etc.

B. I hand out pictures of settings. Students describe the settings. This is good for descriptive writing.  When students are finished. I have them take their character and put the character into the setting. Coming from Nation Geographic, sometimes it is an a child from Greenland placed in a New York setting.

C. The students write a story about their character in the setting they have. It makes for some funny stories.

D. Students have to identify the characterization method the used for their character.

E. Then, I post the pictures with the stories on my bulletin board.

Objective: to teach students to create characters and setting for Narrative writing. It also helps students understand the importance of setting and characterization in literature.

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