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Rate A Lunch Bag





Rate A Lunch Bag

You will need:  1 bag lunch from home and a pencil

Follow the steps below to decide how “energy-efficient” your lunch packaging is:

1.  Take out the contents of your lunch bag and put it on the desk.

2.  Record the number of items that you find in your lunch by typing the number in the box:

reusable lunch box paper
reusable thermos wax paper
single-serving container plastic wrap or baggie
reusable plastic container aluminum foil
plastic straw cellophane

3.  Do you throw all these items away every day?

4.  How could you use less packaging so you make less garbage?

5.  If you had used any item just one more time before throwing it away, you would have saved one-half of the materials energy needed for one-time use.  You would also reduce garbage.

6.  Using your calculator, figure the percentages of items in your lunch bag that are recycleable, non-reuseable, and reuseable.

7.  Write a list of 3 things you can do at home to cut down on garbage.

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