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Review of Multiplication




2, 3, 4, 5  

Objectives of Lesson/Learner Objective:  Students will practice their Multiplication facts by review

Minnesota Academic Standards in Mathematics – Demonstrate mastery of multiplication and division basic facts; multiply multi-digit numbers; solve real-world and mathematical problems using arithmetic.  Benchmark – Demonstrate fluency with multiplication and division facts

Materials Needed/Preparation: Materials need are:

Soccer Ball – label with numbers one through nine on white sections.

Area with room.

White board and markers

Anticipatory Set/Motivation/Snappy Launch 

Connect to prior knowledge of multiplication by asking students what they remember about multiplication/division fact families. Teacher will build background by asking them about multiplication vocabulary words by writing them on the board and having students define them by raising their hands to answer.

Procedure/Instructional Method Steps

  • Students need to move desks or go to the gym (open area)
  • Ask students to sit in a circle.  Explanation of the game/lesson will be explained to the students and told if the ball is not kept on the floor, student will not be able to play, only listen.
  • The teacher will call out a number.
  • Teacher will roll the soccer ball to a student. When the ball arrives at the student, they multiply by the number where their right thumb is and the number the teacher had said.
  • Students then roll the ball to another student and they then do the same procedure. Process continues until all students have had a turn.
  • Variations: after each student, the number the teacher calls out can change or after everyone has gotten a chance with one number, the teacher can change the number again and the steps can be repeated until each student gets a chance.
  • The lesson will be done during math time.

Vocabulary words:

  • Array: A way of displaying objects in equal rows.
  • Commutative (Order) Property of Multiplication: Numbers can be multiplied in any order and the product will be the same.
  • Factors: Numbers that are multiplied to give a product.
  • Identity (one) Property of Multiplication: The product of any number and 1 is that number multiples: The products of a number and other whole numbers.
  • Multiplication: An operation that gives the total number when you join equal groups.
  • Product: The answer to a multiplication problem.
  • Twice: Two times as many.
  • Zero Property of Multiplication: The product of any number and zero is zero.
  • Times: Multiplying two factors
  • Equal: A mathematical symbol used to indicate equality

Classroom Management: Routines: Materials distribution/clean-up, Movement, The team captain of each pod will distribute any materials; everyone will clean up and put materials on the team captains desk and team captain will put materials away.  Everyone will be throw things away, if need be.

Student Assessment & Check for Understanding:  How do you know if the students learned what you just taught?

  • Monitor students’ understanding as they work with their partner to play the game.
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