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Say Cheese!

Cameron takes a picture, but the camera is upside-downI don’t know what made me think about it today, but as I was heading out to my car with my son after school, I realized in a sudden flash of . . . I don’t know? realization? . . . that when I have my iPhone in my pocket (like ALWAYS) and my backpack over my shoulder (like ALMOST ALWAYS), I have FIVE. DIFFERENT. CAMERAS. on my person.  Really.  That is a lot of photographic equipment.

Now, don’t anyone take this as an invitation to mug me.  I’ve got the iPhone 3G, which in its un-jailbroken state contains a digital still camera.  I’ve got my MacBook with its built-in iSight camera for stills and video.  I keep my Canon Powershot A620, which also does stills and video, in my backpack all the time.  I also have my Flip video camera and my new iPod Nano (thanks to the We Are Teachers microgrant I won), which both take video but not stills.  Before you go thinking I’m all rich or something, you need to know that the laptop belongs to my employer and the Flip was from Google as a swag gift.  I didn’t pay for the Nano either.  So yeah.

This could explain why my son, age six, is probably the most photographed non-celebrity in the Western hemisphere.  And he features in most of the (currently) 112 videos I have posted on YouTube.  In a way, this easy access to photography and video equipment has me very excited for my son’s generation.  This may usher in the end of the diorama box and the trifold poster board, at least for some projects.  Kids like my lefty son, who shows promise of waging a lifelong war with the penmanship police, could escape the pain and drudgery of having to create, by hand, some of the classic school projects of childhood.  He already has his own Lightning McQueen digital camera (though his early work features mainly feet and blurry cars and large smudgy things), and it won’t be long before we just have the camera equipment currently in our phones implanted directly into our skulls.  So I’m really excited to see where this age group takes things in the next five to ten years.

Cameron tries to figure out his camera

In other news, it should come as no surprise that, despite my being as non-expert as a person can get in the subject of photography, I have tapped into some other features of my iPhone and MacBook and begun creating a new podcast series.  It started out as a project for my podcasting class in graduate school.  But, given some Apple-branded toys and a weekend free of anything scheduled, I can’t just record a podcast.  No, I had to experiment with iWeb and hosting on my MobileMe account (yes, I am a total Apple/Mac sellout) and create an entire site for hosting my new podcast, which will probably consist of about six or eight episodes on various aspects of digital photography composition.

And in the shameless plug to beat all shameless plugs, here’s the URL:

Happy shooting!


Both images shown are by the author, of the author ‘s son.  Yes, the camera ‘s upside down in the first one..

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