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Scavenger Hunt





Scavenger Hunt

Teacher’s Guide

You can organize students into teams for scavenger hunts through Recycle City. This works
especially well if there are fewer computers than there are students. Each team works together to
find all the items in a list before the other teams do. Before beginning the assignment, create a list of items that need to be found, for example:

Something made from recycled tires
A way to use vinegar
A use for old bricks
Something made from old milk containers
An electric car
How coffee grounds can be reused

Your list of course, can be customized to emphasize reuse, recycling, or any other topic that you are exploring in class.

Split up the class into several teams and let them go through the site, looking for the items on the list. This will provide them with some incentive to browse around the site looking for items, and will spark team discussions on where the items might be found.

Afterwards, have a discussion with the class as a whole. Encourage students not only to talk about what they did find, but also about anything that they went looking for and didn’t find…this can lead to interesting discussions.


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