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Science Websites that Feature Lesson Plans

Whether it is the life sciences, earth science, or physical science, many science websites offer a variety of lessons plans designed by educators and researchers. The plans are broken down into grade level and support material is provided either free of charge or at a nominal cost.

Science Websites with Lesson Plans

  1. Discovery Education –This science website is the most thorough in what is presented and offered for teachers and parents. Led by a diverse and well informed curriculum team, Discovery Education provides a host of proven lesson plans as well as puzzles, brainteasers, homework and other free resources. Lesson plans and other content on the site is backed by testimonials from teachers and education administrators across the country.
  2. The Teacher’s Corner – This website offers everything a teacher needs and more. The best part is that everything on the site is completely free and does not even require a teacher to sign up to start using the available resources. Science lesson plans, homework, worksheets and more are divided by science category as well as theme. This site also offers teachers a forum to encourage collaboration, to provide lists for other sites where resources may be available, and to share lesson plans.
  3. Chem For Kids – While it may be titled for kids, this site offers an in depth lesson plan on many aspects of chemistry that may be used or applied to most grade levels. Rather than offer a variety of lesson plans, this site is a lesson plan in itself and offers pages on all aspects of chemistry followed by quizzes. The parent company also offers similar sites for astronomy, earth science, biology and physics.
  4. Science Kids – If the goal is to engage students and make learning a fun experience, then Science Kids may be the website worth looking into. This site offers everything science from lesson plans to experiments to games, projects and videos. This all encompassing site is goal oriented to make learning science fun. The site is well defined and allows teachers and parents to find everything they need in every category of science study.
  5. The Science Spot – Another great resource offers lesson plans is The Science Spot. As with the other science websites listed here, this site is easy to navigate and is divided by category of science. The lesson plans are based on the curriculum defined by the Illinois Learning Standards for Science. One point that makes this site stand out is the use of lesson plans based on reality television programs such as Junk Yard Wars and Survivor. The detailed challenges and plans are sure to challenge and stimulate interest in any middle school student.
  6. The Learning Page – Though it is not specifically science only, The Learning Page is an all encompassing resource for teachers of every subject including science. Their site Science A-Z offers lesson plans and projects in several categories of science for a nominal yearly fee of under $80.00. They also offer a free trial to test run the site and see if it offers what teachers need.

There are a variety of science websites across the internet that off lesson plans for every level of education. Most are in line with curriculum standards and include follow up testing as well as projects and experiments.

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