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In this lesson students create 3-D models of ocean animals, and you create a 3-D ocean bulletin board




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Title – 3-D Ocean Animals
By – Ryla Pollan
Primary Subject – Science
Grade Level – 3-6 
3-D Ocean Animals

Students love learning about the ocean and the animals that live there!


      * computer/internet access for research or encyclopedia


      * variety of art/craft materials


      * bulletin board


      * blue bulletin board paper


    * floral/greenery/vinery from a hobby/craft store


      1. Have each student select an ocean animal to research. Have them find and record the following information about their selected ocean animal:

        * Fish, mammal, reptile?


        * Size – length, height, weight?


        * Lives in which ocean zone – sunlit zone, open-ocean zone, deep-ocean zone?


        * Carnivore, herbivore, omnivore?


        * Endangered, threatened?


        * Other important facts or information?

      2. Students should also find at least one good clear color picture of their animal to use in the next step. Adjust the length and difficulty of information you want your students to find depending on age/ability.


      3. Have student construct a 3-dimensional model of their animal. They should try to make it as realistic as possible.


      4. Have students present a brief oral presentation on their research about their animal while displaying their 3-D model.


    5. After the presentations, display all the 3-D ocean animals on the bulletin board. Use blue paper to cover the bulletin board. Cut the paper to make “waves” at the top of the bulletin board. Attach the 3-D ocean animals in the appropriate ocean zone. Add floral/vinery/greenery for some plant life which enhances the realistic ocean scene.

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