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A 5 Step lesson plan on Erosion






Title – 5 Step Lesson Plan – Erosion
By – Renea Magnani
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 2
Lesson Vitals:
1. Topic of Lesson: Science
2. Objective: Through discussion of previous reading and related class work students will better understand the concept of erosion.
3. Materials: Teacher-Large poster paper, magnets to hold paper to board, markers, The Sun, the Wind and the Rain (story from current unit) and copies of Mud! worksheets for students. Students-Student spelling dictionaries, “Readers”, paper and a pencil.
          Note from This lesson plan uses a worksheet that is no longer available. You may be able to develop your own worksheet or modify this lesson for use without the worksheet.
4. Key vocabulary: Elements: sun, wind, rain. Heat, melt, and saturate.
5. Grade Level: 2

Step 1- Anticipatory Set:
1. Focus: Discuss The Sun, the Wind and the Rain and previous work relating to the story. Teacher will list the three elements on the board and various types of objects that can be effected by such elements in chart form. Students will list their hypothesis as to how each object can be effected by each element on paper. Teacher will call upon students to complete chart on board. (Objects: Dirt, ice, clothes, paper, and ice cream)
2. Objective: Student’s will recall information previously discussed and obtain a clear understanding of the term “erosion”. Students will complete Mud! worksheet in order to tie together the knowledge they have gained.
3. Transfer from previous lesson: Discuss story and previous work as relates to erosion.

Step 2 – Instruction:
1. Model the skill: Once class chart is completed the teacher will explain the Mud! Worksheet to students. Teacher will read her completed worksheet to students.
2. Check for understanding: Ask a few students for their ideas and allow time for questions from those who may have them.

Step 3 – Guided Practice
1. Teacher lists some ideas on the board for students to get started.

Step 4 – Closure / Review:
1. Review: Teacher restates information about erosion and relates the worksheet to that information.

Step 5 – Independent Practice-

1. Students are provided with Mud! worksheet. Teacher walks around class observing student’s work and assisting when needed.

Evaluation: Teacher collects worksheets and reviews for understanding.

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