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This lesson is on concrete (for an Architecture theme) and involves making a Footprint Stepping Stone


Art, Science  


PreK, K  

Title – Architecture Theme-Concrete is Strong!
By – Earlene Bogart
Subject – Science, Art
Grade Level – PreK-K
In our circle time, we would read the book THE THREE LITTLE PIGS. We would discuss why the 3rd little pig’s house was not blown down by the bad wolf. Each child would get to feel and lift a brick, so they could see and feel the strength in it. Then we would discuss how we could get each brick to stay together to build a house. Using Quikcrete, we would mix up a batch of cement. (8 cups to 2 cups water) In small box-type lids lined with a trash bag, pour in cement and let children put their hand or foot prints in it. Be sure and date it. Children can then observe them as they dry and get firm. Let them take home to use as a stepping stone in their yard.

For a snack, let them make “Cement” Shakes. Using frozen yogurt, milk, and Oreo cookies, let them blend in blender until the consistency like the cement they made for their stepping stones.

These also make great parent gifts.

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