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Students must defend their organelle with research and pictures to the Cell Body Corporation as it considers layoffs


Art, Science  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – The Cell Mini-Project
By – Priscilla Pizarro
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Art
Grade Level – 9-12


    Students will state the function of the various organelles. Students will be able to identify the organelles of the cell.


    The Cell Body Corporation has decided to eliminate several organelles due to budget constraints. Each student will be assigned an organelle (mitochondria, nucleus, lysosomes…) to research. The student must write a letter to the Cell Body Corporation to convince them not to eliminate the job of their organelle. They must state the function of the organelle and explain how it works together with the rest of the cell. The student must provide a photograph of their organelle (i.e. drawing of the cell, diagrams..). The student will read their letter to the Cell Body Corporation (their classmates). The corporation must determine whether the job of the organelle is important or not. The students will receive a rubric which they will use to grade the presentation.

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