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Kid Pix software is used here to create an animal habitat and climate slide show


Art, Computers & Internet, Science  


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Title – Kid Pix Habitat Slide Show
By – Barbara Stephens
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Art, Computers and Internet
Grade Level – 1-2


The child will create pictures that represent various climates and the animals that inhabit that climate. The child exhibits creativity in the individual expressions of the various pictures. The child will show mastery of Kid Pix tools. The child will save his work on a floppy disk and be able to retrieve his work. The child will create a slide show on Kid Pix. The child will present his work in a group environment.


Before the student goes to the computer, he is given a planning sheet with six numbered boxes. Under each one, he names a climate such as cold weather, hot weather , city weather, country weather and our town’s weather. He draws a picture of the type of animal that lives in that climate. Usually penguins and polar bears are chosen for the cold climate. For the city, there are a lot of bunnies and squirrels chosen. It is unique to see the ideas that this age child has for the type of animals. The student then goes to the computer with his planning sheet and draws a picture for each climate area. It is saved on a floppy disk. When all of the pictures have been drawn, they are then placed in the slide show section with appropriate music and transitions. The last class period, I have each child present his slide show and awards are given out for the most creative, etc.

This project usually takes six weeks of once a week, 30-minute class periods.

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