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“Dinosaur Prints” are created in this lesson


Art, Science  


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Title – Dinosaur Prints
By – Scott Dan
Subject – Science, Art
Grade Level – 1st-2nd
Dinosaur Prints

Using a variety of books, posters or any other media, show the children many pictures of dinosaurs. Discuss how they look different and in what ways. Some are tall while others are short. Some have horns and others have tails. Some are plated while others have wings. Discuss these interesting differences along with what ever the children bring up.

Show the children a picture of a dinosaur that you made. It should be made out of pencil and paper and should have many interesting lines and details. Next, explain and show the children how we can take that picture and transfer it onto just about anything (paper, fabric, etc.). While the children are still watching, place your picture over a foam meat tray. Using your pencil, trace and lightly push the pencil into the foam. Once done, go back and retrace over the foam to make larger indentations into the meat tray. Explain to the children not to push too hard or they will ruin their meat tray and have to start all over. When finished, take another meat tray and place a small amount of tempera paint in the middle. Roll a brayer over the paint until it makes a tacky sound. Then roll the brayer over the dinosaur meat tray. Explain to the children that they do not want to have too much paint on the roller because the print will not come out as well as they would like. However, if they do, explain to them that they just need to make a couple prints without adding more paint after each print, this will solve that problem. Once the meat tray is covered with paint, place it on either.

A single piece of paper in which the child can write a story, the name of their dinosaur, or can be dried and cut out to be used in a larger art project.

On a large piece of butcher paper which the children can put the name of their dinosaurs on along with a short story or poem. This can then later be put up in the room or in the hallway.

On an old T-shirt. If this is done, it would be better to use either acrylic paints or paints made for fabrics. The child could add the name of their dinosaur either with an additional meat tray print or with sharpie markers.

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