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This is an idea for making a four seasons tree booklet


Art, Science, Seasonal  



By – Erendira Vargas
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Art
Grade Level – K

Learning objective: Using crayons and paper, the student must illustrate the effect the seasons have on trees. They will learn how the seasons change the trees physically.

Materials: crayons and construction paper

Student should be seated at their individual desks after you have given them a pre-made construction paper booklet.


      Do trees look the same all year round? Why do you think trees lose their leaves?
      Let the students make their own predictions and then explain to them how the seasons begin to change the appearance of a tree. Then let them illustrate what you have just explained in their book.
      Step 1: Tell them to put their name on the first page and
      Step 2: Draw a tree on a spring day.
      Step 3: Then a tree in summer.
      Step 4: Then a tree in the fall.
    Step 5: Then a tree in winter.

Closure: When does the tree have the most leaves? When does it have no leaves?

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