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In this lesson students create Art from the Natural Dyes in Vegetables


Art, Science  


2, 3  

Title – Natural Dyes

By – Debbie Haren

Primary Subject – Science

Secondary Subjects – Art

Grade Level – 2-3


Spinach leaves = green

Cranberries = light red

yellow onions = yellow

Beets = deep red

Blueberries or blackberries = blue

Pan with small amount of water

oven or microwave


Talk to children about how colors can be made out of vegetables. Explain how when a vegetable is put in a small amount of water and boiled it melts down into just its color. One thing that can be done with this is have the students time how long it takes for each different vegetable to melt down and then graph it. Also you could talk about how Indians used to use this same method to make their war paint and to make the pictures on the walls of the caves.

If the students are older you can divide them into groups and let them boil down their own vegetables.

After you are done they can use the colors to paint a picture.


Debbie Haren


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