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This Psychology / Art lesson is on Rorschach Spots (Inkblots)


Art, Science  


11, 12  

Title – Rorschach Spots
By – Virginia Gordillo
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Art
Grade Level – 11-12
Rorschach Spots

Objective: This lesson plan will:
a) introduce students to Psychology,
b) make them aware of their feelings and attitudes
c) help them understand a psychologist work and
d) help them understand peoples points of view and behavior.

Prepare the following materials:
1- a sheet of 120 grams paper for each student and
2- water paint in in various colors

Before this lesson students must know what a psychologist’s work is.


Begin by explaining students that there are many methods of analyzing one’s attitude toward life and today we’re going to experiment one.
Then talk about who Rorschach was. Then show, if you have, the original spots. Explain that they’re 12, but today students are going to make their owns.

Give each student a sheet of paper, make them fold it in exact halves. Then open it. Ask them to pour a drop or whatever they want of paint in the color or colors they choose. Then ask them to fold the sheet again to spread the paint all over to form a shape. Ask them to open.

While the painting is getting dry, explain that psychologist do this job guided by their own intuition, but they pay special attention to extremes, corners and tongues and that that is precisely what you’re going to do next.

Then have each student see his own spot, ask him what he sees. Tell him what his answer tells about his personality. For example, if someone tells me he sees animals and plants, I tell him he surely enjoys nature; if someone tells me about tools, I tell him he enjoys working and doing chores. (I always see this exercise as an opportunity to give positive reinforcement to my students’ skills). You can do this with the whole class and I can tell they really enjoy this experience.

Then, if have the time, you can tell them to see each others sheet and work in partners.

Evaluation: you can give a grade based on attention to procedures, and couple work.

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